About Us

The products we offer at Carter Procurement are major brand items known thoughout the world for their highest quality and reliability. Our focus is to provide the very best product available to meet and exceed out clients needs – specific to office equipment/supplies and building maintenance eequipment/supplies. Clients include government/quasi-government organizations and commercial businesses, both public and private, throughout the United States.

Carter Procurement endeavors to remain proactive in anticipating product trends and staying abreast of product innovations in an effort to be more efficient in meeting its customers needs. The relationship we have with our suppliers allows Carter Procurement to provide detailed research with ease.

We are committed to helping spread the GREENER consciousness in the business community by offering GREENER alternatives to traditional products.
GREENER products (def.) – those products that have less of an impact on the environment or are less detrimental to human health than its traditional equivalent.

Carter Procurement is listed in the CCR, SBA, VETBIZ.GOV, ORCA and DNB.